Summer Jams Part 1 of ?

Hang Me Up to Dry- Cold War Kids

I used to listen to this song non-stop back in like 2007-8ish. There’s something slow and sexy and easy about it that just screams hot, summer afternoons to me. One of my favorite songs ever and always at the top of all of my summer playlists.


TBT Tunes: The Distillers

Drain the Blood – The Distillers

I was listening to The Nerdist podcast this week, featuring Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age & Eagles of Death Metal fame) and he mentioned being married to Brody Dalle, lead singer and guitarist of The Distillers. Fact about me: when I was in high school, I secretly wanted to be Brody Dalle. Even though I was a cheerleader turned drama-nerd, I had this secret love of punk and a longing to dye my hair, pile on the black eye liner, and get a few piercings. I remember seeing pics of Brody Dalle in Alternative Press magazine (yes I totally had a subscription) and wishing that I had the courage to look exactly like that. ¬†However, growing up in a small southern town, experimental self expression was not exactly encouraged. There were a few kids who went with the whole “punk” thing in my high school. In fact, if I recall correctly, most of them were labelled as “skater kids”. Not to mention, my parents, as liberal as they could be, would have had a straight up heart attack.

However, I did go on a tattoo/piercing spree when I turned 21. So I guess I did eventually achieve my dreams a bit. And I can sneer, just like Brody Dalle.

Anyways, love this song. It’s totally on my running playlist.

Happy Thursday!



The District Sleeps Alone Tonight- The Postal Service

Greetings all!

So today it’s rainy here in Chicago…and it’s like, 50 degrees…in January. Yes it’s weird.

In other news, in case you haven’t heard already, one of my favorite bands ever, The Postal Service, is reuniting! I was so excited when I read the news. Definitely one of those things I never ever thought would actually come to fruition. Now I’m just crossing my fingers that perhaps they will play a show nearby and possibly release another album.

Anyways, their first and only album Give Up, was one of my favorites since high school and I always thought it was the perfect chill, rainy day music. So if it’s raining where you are too, kick back and have a listen to one of my faves off that CD and enjoy a toasty beverage!