It’s Very Early and I’m Very Awake.

My eyes popped open at 4:15 this morning and evidently, I was ready to attack the day!

Just had to share this video of Russell Brand on MSNBC I ┬ástumbled across this morning. A) He is absolutely lovely. One of my favorite famous people. B) I can never get over how intelligent and sincere he is. This video is labeled as him “mocking media” but I don’t think that’s the case at all. In fact, I’d say it was the MSNBC anchors who attempt to mock him a little bit, and he sort of turns it around on them, not allowing himself to be objectified.

I remember watching an interview of him with Craig Ferguson from like, 2010, and in it he talks about road tripping across America and having some great and interesting conversations with “hillbillies” and seemed to respect the different viewpoints he had come across during his travels in the U.S. ┬áBasically, that interview cemented my love and respect for the man, and this one reaffirms it.


Happy Wednesday!