Summer of Friendship: Part 1

Since I’m not going on vacation this year, I’ve basically been calling this summer “Summer of Friendship”. Why? Because I have so many friends popping in from out of town to visit! Some of them are coming specifically to see me, and others are just making time to hang out as they pass through. One of my favorite things about being more active on the internet, and I’ve probably said this before, it making so many new friends around the U.S. and the rest of the world. Hopefully, one day I’ll get a chance to meet them all!

My first friend in my Summer of Friendship is my pal, Kady. We met via internet over a year ago, fangirling on The Vampire Diaries and writing on tumblr, and became great buds. We met for real the first time, last April when she happened to be coming to Chicago for work. I said “hey, let’s hang out…would that be weird?” and she said “no, let’s do it!” Long story short, we got to spend a day and a half together and she even took me to a Vampire Diaries convention that was happening that weekend. It was fun!

The only sad part about the visit…Kady stayed by the airport in Chicago, which if you live here or know anything about the area, you’ll know that it is faaaaar awaaaaay from the city. She didn’t get to see any of Chicago. So this year, she decided to come back and remedy that, while hanging out with me on my birthday. We did A LOT of stuff. I think I wore her out a bit. But it was a fun week with one of my best pals 🙂



We ate A LOT of food!!!

Pizza, Hot Dogs, Burgers…all of the food!



We went to the Chicago Art Institute

Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 10.40.41 AM



And of course, we took the stereotypical, must-do Bean pic.




I’m in love with Chicago. Even if I bitch about the weather sometimes, and wish that there was a real, salt water beach nearby, I love living here. And I loved being able to show my friend the city. It was a great birthday present and a great time!