Much Ado About An Awesome Movie

I’ve always been a Joss Whedon admirer. I liked to watch Buffy when I was growing up. A couple years ago I watched Dr. Horrible and thought it was super cute and funny. Then Avengers came along and I loved it! Recently, I started watching Firefly (which has been recommended to me for years by various friends and family) and I’m now a total Whedonite.

So this weekend, I took myself out for a date night to see Joss Whedon’s version of Much Ado About Nothing.

I loved the Shakespeare play when I read it in high school. I identify with Beatrice in more than a few ways (…not until God make men of some other metal than Earth). I knew I wanted to see this movie even before I had succumbed to my Joss Whedon love. I love modernized Shakespeare, I’m a sucker for black and white films, and I love seeing actors I enjoy all in the same movie.

Much Ado is absolutely hilarious and a bit heartbreaking, but a perfect film overall. It encapsulates that true escapist experience everyone seeks when going to see a movie, without relying on fantasy worlds or gigantic explosions or fancy effects to help us into the creation. I left the theatre wanting to live in the nugget of Shakespeare that Joss created, with beautiful party, good wine, and laughter with friends. Maybe experience a little heartbreak too.

I also enjoy seeing Sean Maher take on a villain-y role. For a nice guy with such a sweet smile, he played bad so very well. I hope to see him do it again sometime soon!

So everyone go see it! Highly recommended for date night, lady night, whatever night you please.




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