Brandon Graduated!

The past couple weeks have been SUPER busy for me. Lots of visits from friends, and my birthday happened (I’m 26 now!), and trying to keep up with writing and everything else…it’s been hectic.

So now I’m waiting for tonight’s Game of Thrones episode to come on (which will be super sad) and decided to take a moment to bring you up to speed on my life.

Tonight’s blog post is BRANDON GRADUATED!

Who is Brandon?…some of your may be asking. Well, Brandon is my oldest and one of my dearest friends. We’ve been buds since the 6th grade and across 3 different cities. We’ve pretty much gotten to watch each other grow up and go from awkward teens to awkward adults. A couple weekends ago was very special because Brandon graduated from college!!

His family came up from Florida to visit and celebrate and attend the ceremony. We’re all super, super proud of him and all that he has accomplished. Brandon is an amazing artist and designer and one of the most ambitious people I’ve ever met. He always inspires me to never settle for less than exactly what I want. Love you Brandon!

Okay…so not exactly part of the graduation festivities…but a few days before we nerded out and went to see Star Trek 2. Spock and Kirk are totally the epic romantic couple of this movie, I don’t care what anyone else says!




Me and Brandon circa 2005 at high school graduation and then together on college graduation day.




After the ceremony we went out with his family for some awesome Korean BBQ.



And then later on, toasted to his accomplishments and the next chapter of his life with some rooftop beers.




So Brandon! If you’re reading this now, congrats again! Can’t wait to see what your future has in store! 🙂

And congrats also to all my other buds who graduated this spring!



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