Happy Sunday!

Good morning! So it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted. I’ve been working extra, which is great, but it means having to readjust my personal schedule to fit in with work.

Not much to report or share. Just wanted to check in and wish everyone a lovely Sunday. I think I shall grab a tea and go for a lazy stroll 🙂 Better enjoy the happiness before Game of Thrones comes along tonight and makes me cry.

A lot of crazy stuff has been happening in our world this week…Everyone has opinions and everyone has something to say. I saw someone on my twitter feed say something about praying for things in times of trouble and how it doesn’t really work, because weren’t there people on the opposite end of things praying that it did? While that may be true, and  it may be one of the great questions of the universe why, if there is a God or some higher power watching over us, he/she would let such terrible things happen. We may never know. Either way, prayer–true prayer–is born from positive energy. It is born from hope. Even if you don’t believe in God or a god or anything, I still think prayer is possible. Putting hopeful thoughts out into the universe generates good energy and makes the world a more positive place. Maybe not in ways we might ever see, but it works.

That’s my point of view anyway. 🙂

Happy Sunday!




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