Sunday Shares: Game of Thrones Edition



Oh dear readers I’ve been waiting for this day for months! Finally my most favorite show on television is back for my viewing pleasure! This season is going to be a painful one…fans of the books already know what is coming. That’s not to say that they past seasons haven’t been painful, but I’m sure this one if going to punch us all right in our hearts.

However, in celebration of the Game of Thrones premiere, I’ve curated a few shares for you fellow/potential fans to enjoy 🙂

Create a House Sigel. My motto was “Sarcasm and Wit”.  (Join The Realm)

Ever wonder what Joffery Baratheon would listen to if he were a teenager in 2013? Here’s the answer. (8tracks)

Not sure which is more scary, war in Westeros or High School Politics. School of Thrones makes you wonder. (YouTube)

Game of Thrones prequel? Yes please! (TVweb)

8-bit version of the Game of Thrones theme. Cause you know you wanna hear it. (Tumblr)

Happy Easter to everyone as well! Cause that’s also today…



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