Get in a Good Mood

So I’ve been thinking about mornings a lot lately. I’ve never been a huge morning person. The only way I ever really enjoy mornings was in that Holly Golightly-walking-down-fifth-avenue-after-last-night’s-party sort of way. In high school, I would use up my allowed class absences just so I could sleep in an extra hour or so. I have never been good at waking up. So maybe it’s a sign that I’m maturing (?) because now I find myself awake every morning at no later than 9am raring to go!

Mornings are my favorite time of day. They’re my time. I always make a point to do something nice for myself in the morning. I drink my cup of coffee and listen to a good morning mix on 8tracks and check my favorite blogs. I tweet something nice or a happy thought. I always make it a point to start off feeling good and thinking good. As Llyod Dobbler said in one of my favorite movies ever, Say Anything:




So do something nice for yourself this morning! It’s Thursday…the weekend is almost here! I’m off to watch the new installment of the Lizzie Bennett Diaries and then get some writing done.

Have a good one guys 🙂


p.s. I’ve change my blog layout and also added a link to my personal website if you wanna check it out. Still looking for blog follow suggestions so keep em coming


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