Seeking A Friend

*cough sniffle* The sickness is finally going away, but it last week it left me with not much motivation for posting. It did however, give me loads of time to lounge around and catch up on TV shows and movies. I ended up watching Seeking A Friend For the End of the World.

Who knew that immediately after I watched this movie, all this news would come out about meteorites and asteroids? Maybe I’m just a little bit psychic. Actually, I was inspired in part by a blog post I read over on Meghan’s Blog that was about a book called God Shaped Hole and a quote from it:

“If your intentions are pure
I am seeking a friend
for the end of the world.”

Now the book and the movie apparently have nothing to do with one another, but reading her post and the quote reminded me that I had wanted to see the movie a while ago and never got the chance. Since I was a kid, I’ve always had this weird fascination with apocalyptic situations and theories (I cite being raised in a Souther Baptist church and hearing about the “end times” every other Sunday), so the first time I saw the trailer for this movie I knew it was something I’d want to see.

I’m also a big fan of dystopian and zombie genres, which fit into that apocalyptic category. For me, it’s fascinating to see the psychology of man and the different ways people react to threats upon their world.  In Seeking a Friend, you see right away the myriad reactions that people have when the news breaks about the end of the world: fear, panic, indifference, hopelessness, denial and acceptance. Some people are out running wild and others carry on with their daily lives like nothing will change. Like any quirky road trip adventure, the main characters Dodge and Penny encounter a variety of people all having these different reactions to their impending doom.

Another reason I wanted to see the movie was to see how it all would end. I remained spoiler free (for once) until the final moments and I have to say the ending was absolutely breath taking. As I’ve said to just about all of my friends…it’s my second favorite movie ending next to Fight Club.

Beautiful, poignant, and a bit satirical Seeking a Friend For the End of the World is a must see! Steve Carrell and Kiere Knightly are terrific on screen together, and there is a score of cameos by awesome funny people (Patton Oswald, Connie Britton, and Rob Corddry to name a few). This one is going on my favorite films list!



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