Happy Vday + My Favorite Tragic Romance

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! As I joked on my twitter, today I am not lovesick but sick, sick. I hope you all are having wonderful days. I’m not usually the biggest fan of valentine’s day. Not because I am ALWAYS single on the day of love, but because I feel bad about a holiday that tends to have a giant group of people feeling down and left out. But in my 24 years of V-Day singledom experience (I leave out the ONE year I actually had a boyfriend. Fourth Grade. He bought me a heart shape box of Whitman’s with Snoopy on the top) I have come to regard it as a day to appreciate the other types of love in my life. I spend it with friends, I call my mom, I spoil the shit outta myself and do whatever the hell I want.

killbill12A few years ago when I was living in Orlando, I was making plans with friends for Vday and we saw an advertisement for a double feature of Kill Bill Parts 1 & 2 on February 14th. My initial reaction was: ‘that’s awesome we should do that!’ thinking that it would be the perfect anti-vday movie to go watch. However since then, I’ve realized that under all the violence, revenge, blood, and badass kung-fu it’s really a story about a doomed love affair. I’d put it right up there with Romeo & Juliet and Casablanca.

**spoiler alert in case you haven’t seen the movie**

Of course, Kill Bill doesn’t start out as a love story. That part sneaks up on you. At the beginning, all we know is that The Bride is out for revenge against the group of people and the person responsible for killing her husband and unborn child at her wedding. Only as the story unfolds, do we realize that in fact The Bride aka Beatrix Kiddo, had an entire relationship with Bill and that he was the true father of her child. In Part 2 of the movie, we get to see more of the relationship between Beatrix and Bill in flashbacks and how much they meant to each other. Which only makes it more emotional when we come to the climactic conclusion at Bill’s hacienda. These were two people, with volatile tempers, who really loved each other. The memory of that love, which you can see on their faces in the final moments, is what makes the ending so heart-wrenching. But there is a silver lining in it all even if one of them does end up dead.

If you have no other plans this Vday, give Kill Bill a watch, and just be grateful that no scorned lovers are coming after you with kitanas and guns. 🙂





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