Much Ado About An Awesome Movie

I’ve always been a Joss Whedon admirer. I liked to watch Buffy when I was growing up. A couple years ago I watched Dr. Horrible and thought it was super cute and funny. Then Avengers came along and I loved it! Recently, I started watching Firefly (which has been recommended to me for years by various friends and family) and I’m now a total Whedonite.

So this weekend, I took myself out for a date night to see Joss Whedon’s version of Much Ado About Nothing.

I loved the Shakespeare play when I read it in high school. I identify with Beatrice in more than a few ways (…not until God make men of some other metal than Earth). I knew I wanted to see this movie even before I had succumbed to my Joss Whedon love. I love modernized Shakespeare, I’m a sucker for black and white films, and I love seeing actors I enjoy all in the same movie.

Much Ado is absolutely hilarious and a bit heartbreaking, but a perfect film overall. It encapsulates that true escapist experience everyone seeks when going to see a movie, without relying on fantasy worlds or gigantic explosions or fancy effects to help us into the creation. I left the theatre wanting to live in the nugget of Shakespeare that Joss created, with beautiful party, good wine, and laughter with friends. Maybe experience a little heartbreak too.

I also enjoy seeing Sean Maher take on a villain-y role. For a nice guy with such a sweet smile, he played bad so very well. I hope to see him do it again sometime soon!

So everyone go see it! Highly recommended for date night, lady night, whatever night you please.




Summer Jams Part 1 of ?

Hang Me Up to Dry- Cold War Kids

I used to listen to this song non-stop back in like 2007-8ish. There’s something slow and sexy and easy about it that just screams hot, summer afternoons to me. One of my favorite songs ever and always at the top of all of my summer playlists.

Summer of Friendship: Part 1

Since I’m not going on vacation this year, I’ve basically been calling this summer “Summer of Friendship”. Why? Because I have so many friends popping in from out of town to visit! Some of them are coming specifically to see me, and others are just making time to hang out as they pass through. One of my favorite things about being more active on the internet, and I’ve probably said this before, it making so many new friends around the U.S. and the rest of the world. Hopefully, one day I’ll get a chance to meet them all!

My first friend in my Summer of Friendship is my pal, Kady. We met via internet over a year ago, fangirling on The Vampire Diaries and writing on tumblr, and became great buds. We met for real the first time, last April when she happened to be coming to Chicago for work. I said “hey, let’s hang out…would that be weird?” and she said “no, let’s do it!” Long story short, we got to spend a day and a half together and she even took me to a Vampire Diaries convention that was happening that weekend. It was fun!

The only sad part about the visit…Kady stayed by the airport in Chicago, which if you live here or know anything about the area, you’ll know that it is faaaaar awaaaaay from the city. She didn’t get to see any of Chicago. So this year, she decided to come back and remedy that, while hanging out with me on my birthday. We did A LOT of stuff. I think I wore her out a bit. But it was a fun week with one of my best pals 🙂



We ate A LOT of food!!!

Pizza, Hot Dogs, Burgers…all of the food!



We went to the Chicago Art Institute

Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 10.40.41 AM



And of course, we took the stereotypical, must-do Bean pic.




I’m in love with Chicago. Even if I bitch about the weather sometimes, and wish that there was a real, salt water beach nearby, I love living here. And I loved being able to show my friend the city. It was a great birthday present and a great time!


It’s Very Early and I’m Very Awake.

My eyes popped open at 4:15 this morning and evidently, I was ready to attack the day!

Just had to share this video of Russell Brand on MSNBC I  stumbled across this morning. A) He is absolutely lovely. One of my favorite famous people. B) I can never get over how intelligent and sincere he is. This video is labeled as him “mocking media” but I don’t think that’s the case at all. In fact, I’d say it was the MSNBC anchors who attempt to mock him a little bit, and he sort of turns it around on them, not allowing himself to be objectified.

I remember watching an interview of him with Craig Ferguson from like, 2010, and in it he talks about road tripping across America and having some great and interesting conversations with “hillbillies” and seemed to respect the different viewpoints he had come across during his travels in the U.S.  Basically, that interview cemented my love and respect for the man, and this one reaffirms it.


Happy Wednesday!




Happy Father’s Day



Here’s to fu manchu mustaches and a childhood watching WWF twice a week. Here’s to that weird Hulk Hogan cardboard stand-up in your room and Saturdays at home mowing the lawn. Here’s to being there at every single cheerleading event, church performance, school performance, and important moment growing up. Here’s to golfing on Sundays. Here’s to listening out for the clanking sound of your truck, waiting for you to get home from work, to say goodnight. Here’s to watching NCIS together and talking about the characters like they were real people. Here’s to talking about real things, that are sometimes difficult, but being able to be honest and unafraid. Here’s to McRibs and Malted Milkshakes and Red Velvet Cake and Steaks on the grill. Here’s to coffee and cigarettes and cowboy boots on occasions that required dressing nice. Here’s to teaching me to drive and letting me teach you how to use the computer. Here’s to the man who taught me to be myself no matter what and told me it was okay to go after my dreams, no matter what they were and where they would take me. Even if it was far away. I miss you. I love you.

I turned 26 and Chopped Off My Hair!!

If we are friends on Facebook or any other social media website, you’ve probably already seen the picture evidence of this. I chopped about 12 inches off my hair. The shortest it’s EVER been in my entire life. Decided to start out 26 with a new look. At first, I had a little bit of a freak out and it took about a day and a half to get used to.

I didn’t exactly mean to go that short, but the stylist kept cutting and I just went with it–an experiment that doesn’t always yield great results.

I like my new cut. It fits my personality, I think.

As my friend said, “You look like a hipster girlfriend for like, The Black Keys.”

So where is my cool, bass guitar playing boyfriend?

Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 7.18.22 PM

TBT Tunes: The Distillers

Drain the Blood – The Distillers

I was listening to The Nerdist podcast this week, featuring Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age & Eagles of Death Metal fame) and he mentioned being married to Brody Dalle, lead singer and guitarist of The Distillers. Fact about me: when I was in high school, I secretly wanted to be Brody Dalle. Even though I was a cheerleader turned drama-nerd, I had this secret love of punk and a longing to dye my hair, pile on the black eye liner, and get a few piercings. I remember seeing pics of Brody Dalle in Alternative Press magazine (yes I totally had a subscription) and wishing that I had the courage to look exactly like that.  However, growing up in a small southern town, experimental self expression was not exactly encouraged. There were a few kids who went with the whole “punk” thing in my high school. In fact, if I recall correctly, most of them were labelled as “skater kids”. Not to mention, my parents, as liberal as they could be, would have had a straight up heart attack.

However, I did go on a tattoo/piercing spree when I turned 21. So I guess I did eventually achieve my dreams a bit. And I can sneer, just like Brody Dalle.

Anyways, love this song. It’s totally on my running playlist.

Happy Thursday!